Ngeluwungan Boutique Villa

Ngeluwungan - To Make Better

Since opening Ngeluwungan in 2013, we have been completely overwhelmed by the support from our guests, many of whom have now become dear friends. What started out to be a few simple ideas based on respect, caring, and change, has now manifested into the most rewarding experience of our lives. In the short time, we have been open, we have hosted guests from just over 100 countries with many guests returning to what they now consider their new Balinese home and family at Ngeluwungan.

The backbone of Ngeluwungan is our team, and they are responsible for making Ngeluwungan such a unique experience and place to stay. Our team is like family to us, and we treat them with the same respect we extend to our immediate family. "Treat others as you would want them to treat you" is our approach, this ethos we apply to our team and guests alike in equal measure. As many of our members know, we love our team very dearly, and unquestionably each one plays a significant role in what makes Ngeluwungan what it is today.

You will be pleased to know that all our team receives the very best of everything that we can provide. To name a few, livable wage with the option to save, healthy and nutritious meals, healthy living environment, education, health benefits, work insurance, self-help programs and most importantly, respect.

Our vision has always been to create an environment that appealed to all walks of life and deliver a service over and beyond anyone's expectations. Our goal was to achieve this vision while at the same time helping to improve the quality of our team’s personal lives, the people around them, our neighbourhood and our environment.

What we did not anticipate, however, our guest's reaction. In truth, we have hosted people from every corner of the planet, with different beliefs, backgrounds, religions, ages, sex, wealth, colour, sexual orientation and so on. And in our experience, regardless of who you are or where you come from, when given the opportunity and in the right environment people relish the chance to care and make a difference in their surroundings. With this in mind, our motto was born.

Service by people who care brings out the best in everyone.